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Anti Spam Policy

As a responsible member of the cyber community this site maintains a strict policy forbidding any third party from sending any sort of promotional emails on behalf of the site – solicited or unsolicited. This means we go beyond merely prohibiting spamming. To make things even clearer for everybody we don’t let anybody else send any emails on our behalf. Moreover, the site itself only sends emails to persons who have registered on the site. These two policies make up our strong anti spam policy.

How do we operate?
In every case we receive a complaint regarding one of our direct marketers/affiliates and/or any other third party sending emails on our behalf, our Abuse Team immediately initiates an investigation. It is important that you understand that the Abuse Team investigates every single complaint we receive! Affiliates/direct marketers found by our Abuse Team to have been promoting this site by email face termination of its/his account with us and possible forfeiture of earnings. In extreme cases, our Legal Department is also involved. Please Report Email/Spam received by you in connection with this site. If you have been emailed by a third party in any matter that is connected to this site, please report it to, and our Abuse Team will take immediate action. Please include the complained-of email itself in your complaint, so the Abuse Team can proceed with the investigation.

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